Sentence Examples

  • The scent of hot cocoa made her nostalgic for the sledding parties of her childhood. 
  • Companies, such as Spyder, JCrew, Obermeyer Kids specialize in girls' winter garments that withstand extreme outdoor conditions, including frigid days on the sledding hill or snowball fights on the school playground.
  • Parents should pay close attention to weather reports before sending children out to play or to take part in long-exposure outdoor activities such as sledding, skiing, and winter camping.
  • You can find toddler snowsuits at Cabela's that range from the highest quality suits and brands, to snowsuits that are good options for quick sledding trips without breaking the bank.
  • For example, a cute scrub set with snowmen or penguins sledding down a hill would make an excellent choice for the winter season and any holiday that falls during that time.