Words Ending in Letter Q

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Updated February 29, 2012
riq ends in letter q
    riq ends in letter q
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The letter Q is not a frequently used letter in the English language. Finding words ending in Q alone is especially rare. The letter Q is frequently followed by the letter U, for the resulting sound of "cue" when pronounced. When Q does end a word, it is often because the word is not of English origin, it is an abbreviation, it is a proper place, or it is a person's name.

Short Words Ending in Q

You’ll be hard-pressed to find many 2-letter words ending in Q or 3-letter words ending in Q, but you can find a few options. Even 4-letter words ending in Q and 5-letter words ending in Q can be a challenge.

  • araq (n.) - variant of arak, variety of liquor in the Middle East
  • arnaq (n.) - Inuit word for “woman”
  • cinq (n.) - the number “five” in dice and cards
  • imiq (n.) - Inuit word for “water”
  • Iraq (n.) - country in the Middle East
  • qajaq (n.) - word for “kayak” in Greenland
  • qepiq (n.) - alternative spelling of qəpik, the term for currency in Azerbaijan
  • riq (n.) - traditional Arabic tambourine
  • Sadiq (n.) - city in India
  • suq (n.) - a variant of souk, which is part of a marketplace in an Arab city
  • talaq (n.) - Islamic divorce sanctioned by the Qur'an
  • tranq (n.) - slang for tranquilizer
  • umiaq (n.) - An Inuit boat made of stretched animal skins

Long Words Ending in Q

Longer words ending in Q aren’t really much easier to find than short ones. The names of famous people and places might end in Q.

  • atausiq (n.) - the number “one” in Inuit
  • Inupiaq (n.) - group of Eskimos; also the name for their language
  • kamotiq (n.) - Inuit word for a sled with wooden runners
  • Mi'kmaq (n.) - variation on Micmac, a group of natives residing primarily in Canada
  • Nastaliq (n.) - form of Arabic calligraphy
  • qulliq (n.) - Inuit or Yupik lamp
  • Sadiq (n.) - first name of British politician Khan
  • sambuq (n.) - type of small Arabian boat
  • siqiniq (n.) - Inuit word for “sun”
  • taqqiq (n.) - Inuit word for “moon”
  • tzaddiq (n.) - alternate spelling of tsaddik, Hebrew term for a spiritual leader
  • Zia-ul-Haq (n.) - last name of a Pakistani president from 1978 until 1988

Abbreviations Ending in Q

Many words ending in Q are abbreviations. While you can’t use these types of words in word games, you could use them for other purposes.

  • CQ - letters at the beginning of radio transmissions that are intended for all receivers
  • GHQ - General Headquarters
  • NASDAQ - National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation System
  • .mq - used in internet addresses to stand for Martinique.
  • OTAQ - Office of Transportation and Air Quality
  • Unq. - abbreviation for unnilquadium.
Words Ending in Letter Q
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Using Words Ending in Q for Scrabble

Competitive Scrabble players know that the letter Q is one of the least used letters in the English language. Along with the letter Z, it is awarded 10 points. While many players may hold onto the letter Q in hopes of drawing a U, it is good to learn some words that end in Q in order to continue playing without a U.

Because words such as tsaddiq and suq have updated spellings, it is important to use a Scrabble dictionary to check any words that end in the letter Q.


Finding Words Ending in Q

To find words that end in Q, you can use online tools or dictionaries for languages known for ending words with Q like Inuit and Arabic.

YourDictionary Search

To further explore words that end with the letter Q, you can use YourDictionary's search feature. Type in either a "?" symbol or an "*" followed by the letter Q. This will result in pulling up words that have at least one letter before Q in those words. Of the results, 29 end in the letter Q (not counting the entries for the letter itself).

WordFinder Search

You can use WordFinder’s search function to find words that end in Q by typing in question marks before the letter Q. If you need a four-letter word, you’d type three question marks then the Q.

WordFinder also has several lists geared towards word games like the words containing Q list that might be useful.


The Elusive Ending Q

There aren’t many words in the English language that end with the letter Q. Some of these words may beobsolete, or rarely used in any language. If you can use words with a Q near the end, you might explore words with Q not followed by U or words ending in -que, -qu, -qe, -qa, -qi, or -qs. If you’re not locked into the ending position, check out adjectives that start with Q, great nouns that start with Q, and verbs that start with Q.