Sentence Examples

  • Martha, dressed exactly as she had been when she'd left, clutched her new suitcase while the barest hint of a smile graced her pretty face.
  • Of scientific geographical exploration in Asia (beyond the limits of actual surveys) the modern period has been so prolific that it is only possible to refer in barest outline to some of the principal Indian expeditions, most of which have been directed either to explorers.
  • Save for the barest rudiments of reading and writing, he tells us that he had no master; yet we find him at Verona in 1521 an esteemed teacher of mathematics.
  • Of the castle built in 1125 there are only the barest traces.
  • The commerce of these ports, both in the foreign and domestic trade, is small, tariff regulations being onerous, and the people too impoverished to be consumers of much beyond the barest necessaries of life.

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