Sentence Examples

  • Other terrestrial marsupials are the wombat (Phascolomys), a large, clumsy, burrowing animal, not unlike a pig, which attains a weight of from 60 to 100 lb; the bandicoot (Perameles), a rat-like creature whose depredations annoy the agriculturist; the native cat (Dasyurus), noted robber of the poultry yard; the Tasmanian wolf (Thylacinus), which preys on large game; and the recently discovered Notoryctes, a small animal which burrows like a mole in the desert of the interior.
  • Astound and annoy your friends by discovering what silly anagrams can be made from their names.
  • This disk will not appeal to, and may even annoy devotees of new music.
  • And when the present is so exacting, who can annoy himself about the future?
  • Five things, in no particular order, that really annoy me: 1) Headlamp washers.

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