Sentence Examples

  • That's what 50 Webs is counting on - that you'll like their service but begin to chafe under the limitations of size, of one email account, and decide to purchase one of their larger plans.
  • Speedo's XD fabrics actually resist absorbing water, and when your child's suit dries more quickly, there's less time for wet fabric to chafe and cause sore spots.
  • It also has plastic rings that connect the straps and the body of the bra, which can cut or chafe when active, as well as make for a less durable bra.
  • Piercing a nipple is one thing, but you could chafe and cause damage to your nipples in this bra in a way that might create problems in the future.
  • This all-natural fiber won't irritate or chafe sensitive skin during the winter, and it feels refreshingly cool during those hot summer months!