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  • EARTHWORM, the common name of a chaetopod worm found nearly all over the world.
  • (g) The two eyes of Chaetopod structure have disappeared, and are replaced by the Euarthropod eyes.
  • - Diagram to show the gradual formation of the Arthropod pericardial blood-sinus and "ostiate " heart by the swelling up (phleboedesis) of the veins entering the dorsal vessel or heart of a Chaetopod-like ancestor.
  • The figure on the left represents the condition in a Chaetopod, that on the right the condition in an Arthropod.
  • A similar constitution of the body is more clearly seen in the Chaetopod worms. In the Vertebrata also a repetition of units of structure (myotomes, vertebrae, &c.) - which is essentially of the same nature as the repetition in Arthropods and Chaetopods, but in many respects subject to peculiar developments - is observed.

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