Wunst Definition

1908, Edith Van Dyne, Aunt Jane's Nieces at Millville.
"Skim, you 'member in thet las' book we read, 'The Angel Maniac's Revenge,' there was a sayin' that fate knocks wunst on ev'ry man's door.
1895, Barlow Jane, Strangers at Lisconnel.
"If it was just for wunst," she had begun, when Tishy tweaked her sleeve viciously and interpolated a rapid whisper, "It wont be; there'll be no ind to it if you begin humourin' them," so the sentence was badly dislocated.
1906, Mark Twain, Chapters from My Autobiography.
By way of an incident: a pair of these primitives were overheard chatting about the resorters, one day, and in the course of their talk this remark was dropped: "I was a-drivin' a passel of 'em round about yisterday evenin', quiet ones, you know, still and solemn, and all to wunst they busted out to make your hair lift and I judged hell was to pay.
1866, George Alfred Townsend, Campaigns of a Non-Combatant,.
Wouldn't they let him and Sam off this wunst?
Charles Dickens, Life And Adventures Of Martin Chuzzlewit.
"Mrs Harris," I says to her, "none on us knows what we can do till we tries; and wunst, when me and Gamp kept 'ouse, I thought so too.

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