Sentence Examples

  • The modern city consists of the nei ch' eng, or inner city, commonly known to foreigners as the "Tatar city," and the wai ch' eng, or outer city, known in the same way as the "Chinese city."
  • In 1887 in 3 vols., and used even by Protestant missionaries) and a cosmography (Iche fang wai ki Hang-chow, 1623, 6 vols.), which was translated into Manchu under the title The True Origin of io,000 Things, a copy of which was sent from Pekin to Paris in 1789.
  • The lake has no affluents and only one outlet, the Wai Nibe to the north.
  • The main islands are Great Banda or Lontor; Banda Neira to its north; Gunong Api, west of Banda Neira; Wai or Ai still farther west, with Run on its south-west; Pisang, north of Gunong Api; and Suwangi, north-west again.
  • In 1608 the British built a factory on Wai, which was demolished by the Dutch as soon as the English vessel left.