Without-troubling-the-scorers definitions

(informal, cricket) Describing the manner of the dismissal of a batsman who is out without scoring any runs.

1890 "The Cambridge Review"Watson was caught and bowled for a fairly played eighteen, and Jardine again retired to the pavilion without troubling the scorers.

1993 Tom Raabe, "Sports for the Athletically Impaired"The PE teacher, the putative authority on all things sporting, went out, as they say, without troubling the scorers.

2001 Barry Gibbs, "My Cricket Journey"Mark Waugh came and went without troubling the scorers, leaving Australia at a perilous 2/16 with one man on the way to hospital.

2003 James P. Coldham, "Lord Hawke: a cricketing legend"He was brought down to earth in Georgetown, however, ten days later, suffering the indignity of being run out without troubling the scorers in the victory over British Guiana.