Sentence Examples

  • DENIZLI (anc. Laodicea ad Lycum), chief town of a sanjak of the Aidin vilayet of Asia Minor, altitude 1167 ft.
  • The delightful gardens of Denizli have obtained for it the name of the "Damascus of Anatolia."
  • (5) From Smyrna to Aidin and Dineir, with branches to Odemish, Tireh, Sokia, Denizli, Ishekli, Seidi Keui and Bouja, constructed and worked by an English company.
  • Denizli, q.v.) was founded probably by Antiochus II.
  • It has branches to Buja, Seidikeui, Tireh, Odemish, Sokia, Denizli and Ishekli.