Sentence Examples

  • Samsi-Ramman and Ismi-Dagan, issakku (pa-to-si) of the God Assur (Prism-insc. col.
  • Their god Dagan had a temple at Tirqa (near `Ishara, a little below Circesium), the capital of Khana (several kings of which we now know by name), probably taking the place of an earlier deity.
  • The identification of Dagon with the Babylonian Dagan is doubted by G.
  • Dagon was in all probability an old Canaanite deity; it appears in the name of the Canaanite Dagantakala as early as the 15th century, and is possibly to be identified with the Babylonian god Dagan.
  • 567 seq.) makes Dagon the inventor of corn and the plough, whence he was called This points to a natural though possibly late etymology from the Hebrew and Phoenician dagan " corn."

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