Sentence Examples

  • Strawberry Daiquiri mix is an ingredient that allows professional and amateur mixologists to make a great-tasting strawberry Daiquiri for less. in fact, according to some companies, the mix costs only about a nickel per serving.
  • Place three ounces of strawberry Daiquiri mix into a shaker, and add two ounces of whipping cream, two tablespoons of raspberries or strawberries, and one-and-a-half ounces of a raspberry rum, such as Bacardi Razz.
  • Another option is to prepare your own fresh Daiquiri mix in advance by blending the strawberries, triple sec, lime juice and sugar together and storing it in the refrigerator in an airtight container.
  • Drink mixes of all varieties can be a great shortcut to making the perfect drink. if strawberry Daiquiri drink mixes don't satisfy your taste, sour apple martini mix may also be a great way to go.
  • Daiquiris are one of the best tasting things to come out of Cuba since the Cuban pork sandwich and when you mix a strawberry daiquiri recipe with a little sunshine, you'll feel like you're there.

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