Sentence Examples

  • Shayne Dahl Lamas is the daughter of Lorenzo Lamas and his ex-wife Michele Smith.
  • Dahl), and Love at First Sight (Kylie Minogue).
  • Dahl (Arch.
  • Numerous sulphonic acids derived from 0-naphthylamine are known, the more important of which are the 2.8 or Badische, the 2.5 or Dahl, the 2.7 or S, and the 2.6 or Bronner acid.
  • Bergen is the birthplace of the poets Ludvig Holberg (1684-1754) and Johan Welhaven (1807-1873), of Johan Dahl the painter (1788-1857), of Ole Bull (1810-1880) and Edvard Grieg the musicians.