Sentence Examples

  • Religion is oppressive and omnipresent, and in the oddest variation from our universe, every human being has a 'familiar' called a daemon, an animal-shaped being that is always with them and to which they are tightly bonded.
  • And I defy anyone with a heart to be able to read Lyra's parting with her darling daemon Pantalaimon at the gates of the Land of the Dead, not knowing if she will ever be able to find him again, without choking up.
  • When young, one's daemon can shapeshift to a variety of animal shapes, but as one grows older, the daemon settles on one animal form.
  • Since one's daemon is a physical instantiation of one's soul, these experiments are Nazi-esque in their cruelty.
  • In the Daemon of the World (341-2), Shelley himself cancelled a metrical reading for one that makes the verse a syllable too short.