Sentence Examples

  • Julian Barrat and Noel Fielding star in this brilliantly surreal comedy of shamans, monkeys and demon nannies summoned from hell.
  • The offspring of the unholy union, the baby Connor (fully human, no less!) was kidnapped and spirited away to a demon dimension, returning in a short time as an angry, conflicted young man, with some impressive slaying moves of his own.
  • As the First Evil hunted down and killed inactive, potential slayers, Buffy learned that the first Slayer was actually created by binding a demon to a young girl, and it is from demons that Slayers take their abilities.
  • It is thought that the name Shuck is a derivation of the Old English word Scucca, meaning demon or spirit, and that Barguest comes from the German term Bargiest, which translates as spirit of the graveyard.
  • Because the point of a Halloween costume was to look like a demon so as not to be attacked by one that might be walking around, the costumes were fairly standard: witches, ghouls, goblins and ghosts.