Sentence Examples

  • You can see that lovable ogre Shrek in 4-D, be chased by the fearful Mummy in Revenge of the Mummy or get scared in Universal's House of Horror which was voted one of America's best haunted attractions by Hauntworld Magazine.
  • His likeness -- which is a mix of human and ogre -- first appeared in the book, How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, which later became a popular holiday television special by the same name.
  • In Shrek the Third, three empowered fairy tale princesses rescue the ogre from an evil Prince Charming in the final scenes of the movie.
  • In this case, the ogre is the hero, the handsome prince is evil, and a group of damsels in distress discover they can take care of themselves, with too many witty takeoffs on other fairy tale assumptions along the way to mention.
  • In the Shrek movies, these twisted sub-plots and familiar fairy tale characters help engage us in the trials of a grouchy but loveable ogre and his princess/ogre bride.