Sentence Examples

  • This follows at once from the fact that the discriminant is Mara s) 2 II(/3, -fis)2{II(ar-/3$)}2.
  • An early Syriac document, probably of the 2nd or 3rd century, is the Letter of Mara son of Serapion, which was edited by Cureton in his Spicilegium Syriacum.
  • A very different animal is the Patagonian cavy, or mara (Dolichotis patachonica), the typical representative of a genus characterized by long limbs, comparatively large ears, and a short tail.
  • Although occasionally seen in large flocks, the mara is more commonly found in small parties or in pairs, the parties commonly moving in single file.
  • In 1845 he published Mara, a poem in four cantoes (85 pp., Longmans), containing a description of a young poet who printed 1000 copies of his first poem, of which only 10 were sold.