Sentence Examples

  • Anything goes, but you probably will want to leave the most conservative and the absolutely frivolous (think of the shoes that match your marabou boa) shoes in your closet at home.
  • You can find them in lace or in mesh, and if you've ever wanted body stockings decked out in marabou or trimmed with zig-zagging cords, this is the place to be.
  • Other costume sets feature red crop tops and garter skirts or pink long sleeved midriff tops trimmed in marabou with lace-up fronts and pleated mini skirts.
  • Other fun choices include the fluffy halter top and mini-skirt - a black halter bra in marabou with a red heart jewel appliqué and front ties.
  • You can also buy seamed stockings and high-heel marabou pumps from them, but you'll have to get the feather duster separately.