Sentence Examples

  • He's a genie offering a bottle with a flying carpet tossed in.
  • But in 1802 Chateaubriand had published his epoch-making Genie du Christianisme, in which he declared that of all religions Christianity was " the most poetical, the most human, the most favourable to freedom, art and letters."
  • Fabry, Le Genie de la revolution considers dans ?education (3 vols., Paris, 1817-1818); F.
  • In 1839 he was appointed professor of foreign literature at Lyons, where he began the brilliant course of lectures afterwards embodied in the Two years later he was transferred to the College de France, and the Genie des religions itself appeared (1842) .
  • Schapp, Kants Lehre vom Genie and die Entstehung der "Kritik der Urteilskraft" (1901); Carl Schmidt, Beitrage zur Entwickelung der Kant'schen Ethik (1900); A.