Sentence Examples

  • Before you run out and purchase some Katie Price lingerie for yourself, however, please note that her lingerie only caters to women with D to G curves; if you happen to be smaller, then you may have to remain content with her website.
  • Too much vitamin D through toxicity or an overdose can cause the body to experience high levels of blood calcium, which can then be deposited in the heart and lungs, reducing their functioning and endangering an individual's health.
  • A physician familiar with vitamin D deficiency treatments will based his or her recommendations on the severity of the vitamin D deficiency as well as any subsequent symptoms or conditions that coincide with the vitamin deficiency.
  • With her two Emmys you would think that her climb to the top of the Hollywood ladder would be over, but at the same time, it was that climb and being on the self-imposed Hollywood "D" list that garner the comedian so much success.
  • The widespread use of sunscreen has caused humans to block vitamin D absorption from the sun, and therefore dietary intake and often supplementation are necessary in order to absorb appropriate amounts of vitamin D into your body.