Positive Words That Start With D

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Updated July 12, 2021
Positive word with the letter D
    Positive D words examples
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A word list filled with positive words that start with the letter D is dynamic and dreamy. From notes to dear ones and daydreams turned stories, these delectable D-words deliver.

Words Beginning With D That Have 5 or Fewer Letters

If you just need a small and dutiful D-word, these short words that start with “D” could defy your expectations.




dab (n.)

trendy dance move

dad (n.)

the man who is your father

father, dada, daddy, papa

dance (v.)

to move to a rhythm

groove, cut-a-rug

date (n.)

social outing between two people


dawn (n.)

the beginning of something

inception, source, start

deal (n.)


understanding, settlement

dear (adj.)


beloved, cherished, valued

debut (n.)

first appearance of someone or something

presentation, introduction, coming-out

deed (n.)

something which is done

act, feat, accomplishment

defy (v.)

to oppose with boldness

resist, challenge

do (v.)

accomplish an action

complete, fulfill, finish

dog (n.)

four-legged animal kept as a pet

canine, pooch

dope (adj.)

slang term for something good

sweet, cool, awesome

dream (n.)

image or thought happening in the mind during sleep

fantasy, mirage, illusion

dry (adj.)

something without moisture

dehydrated, arid, parched

duet (n.)

composition of two voices or instruments

duo, couple, pair

duo (n.)

two people or things in close association

couple, pair, twosome


Words Beginning With D That Have 6 or More Letters

These dedicated D-words are long and feature desirable meanings that give you something nice to say.




dabble (v.)

to have casual interest in an activity

tinker, try

darling (adj.)

someone or something cute or loved

dearest, dear, beloved

daughter (n.)

female child


daydream (v.)

to imagine or fantasize

imagine, wonder

decent (adj.)

respectable, fair, and kind

nice, honorable, proper

decide (v.)

to make a choice

conclude, determine, resolve

decontaminate (v.)

to rid of a harmful substance

purify, clean, sterilize

decoration (n.)

item used to make something more beautiful

ornament, adornment, embellishment

decriminalize (v.)

reduce or eliminate legal penalties for a crime

legitimize, sanction

dedicate (v.)

to devote to a specific purpose

sanctify, assign

delicacy (n.)

something pleasing and appealing that is uncommon

treat, rarity

delicious (adj.)

something that tastes or smells really good

appetizing, scrumptious

deliver (v.)

bring to someone

give, dispense

depend (v.)

to rely on

count on, lean on

deserve (v.)

to be worthy of

earn, merit

design (v.)

to prepare or plan something

pattern, configure

desire (n.)

physically longing for something

yearning, craving, longing

dessert (n.)

something sweet you eat after a meal

treat, sweet

determination (n.)

a firm intention

resolve, persistence

destination (n.)

the final place or purpose

end, goal, terminus

destiny (n.)

your future

fate, kismet

develop (v.)

to grow or become more advanced

expand, strengthen, advance

devoted (adj.)

someone who is loyal in giving love or affection

doting, faithful, dutiful

diamond (n.)

colorless hard mineral made from carbon

gem, jewel, rock, ice

discover (v.)

learn something new or be the first to locate something

find, reveal, uncover

discuss (v.)

talk about and consider all aspects of a subject

debate, address

distinctive (adj.)

quality unique to a person or thing

distinguishing, notable, unique

distinguished (adj.)

important person

dignified, reputable

diverse (adj.)


varied, assorted, mixed

divine (adj.)

relating to God or extremely good

heavenly, almighty


to give

grant, bestow, bequeath

dutiful (adj.)

careful to fulfill obligations

conscientious, respectful

dynamic (adj.)


vigorous, vibrant


Great Opportunities for Positive D-Words

Good words or nice words that start with D tend to have powerful meanings with positive vibes. These words are great for writing cover letters or drafting a distinguished resume. Outside of business communication, you can also use many of these words to describe yourself in something personal like an I am poem.

Example Sentences Using Positive D-Words

These ten sentences are designed to help you determine which words that start with D are most decent.

  1. I feel free when I dance.
  2. Anything is possible in a dream.
  3. My darling child says the sweetest things to me.
  4. It was decent of you to check on me.
  5. You can use this decoration to jazz up your window.
  6. Oysters are my favorite delicacy.
  7. I desire chocolate cake often.
  8. She is so devoted to her church food pantry.
  9. I like to donate all the money I can to children in need.
  10. His dynamic personality captured my attention.

Dedicated to Diversity

Dynamic words that start with D celebrate all the things people can do. Diversify your D-word vocabulary by exploring adjectives that start with D, basic nouns that start with D, and dependable verbs that start with D.