Sentence Examples

  • DACCA, a city of British India, giving its name to a district and division of Eastern Bengal and Assam.
  • Of the old fort erected by Islam Khan, who in 1608 was appointed nawab of Bengal, and removed his capital from Rajmahal to Dacca, no vestige remains; but the jail is built on a portion of its site.
  • It appears never to have been completed; and when Jean Baptiste Tavernier visited Dacca (c. 1666), the nawab was residing in a temporary wooden building in its court.
  • The northern part, again intersected by the Lakshmia river, contains the city of Dacca, and as a rule lies well above flood-level.
  • Dacca is watered by a network of rivers and streams, ten of which are navigable throughout the year by native cargo boats of four tons burthen.