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  • South of this again, before the main chain passes into Norway, are such heights as Helagsfjall (5896 ft.) and Storsylen (5781 ft.); and a group of mountains in the northern part of the province of Dalecarlia (Dalarnel ranges from 3600 to 4500 ft.
  • In some of the more remote parts of the country old customs are maintained and picturesque local costumes still worn, as in Dalecarlia (q.v.).
  • The Gota canal route, however, is used by many; the uplands of Dalecarlia (Dalarne) are frequented; and the railway through the Jemtland highlands to Trondhjem gives access to a beautiful region, where numerous sanatoria are in favour with the Swedes themselves.
  • In 1881 they pushed on into the north of Dalecarlia, about 61° 45'N.

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