Bestung meaning

(archaic) Having been stung.

1830: William Taylor, Historic Survey of German Poetry: Interspersed with Various Translations, page 383.

1862: Václav Vratislav, Adventures of Baron Wenceslas Wratislaw: what he saw in Constantinople, in his captivity, page 129.

After all, however, it was lucky for us that it was so, for the skin over the whole of our bodies was so bestung that we no longer felt the biting of lice or bugs, although it was impossible to get used to the stinging of those other insects.

1872: Sir Henry Morton Stanley, How I Found Livingstone: Travels, Adventures and Discoveries in Central Africa, page 595.

1904: William Everett, The Italian Poets Since Dante, page 181. homicidal feud, By slight punctilio urged, a jealous smart Against his friend be to deal a blow bestung,—

1935: Alfred Emanuel Smith, New Outlook, page 167.


Origin of bestung