Sentence Examples

  • When you are hired as a teen babysitter, each set of parents that you babysit for will probably have certain expectations that you will have to follow in order to keep your job and to receive your payment, if you are being paid for the job.
  • Parents who do not feel comfortable leaving their kids alone while they are at work, or parents with children too young to leave alone, will often hire a local teenager to babysit during the day while they are gone.
  • Also, it is important to figure out where you will watch the children, since some families do not want to have strangers staying in their home while they babysit, you may have to provide a place for the kids to go.
  • While reading about how to babysit won't replace a certification you may receive in a babysitting course, it can still provide you with beneficial information to make your experience much easier and fun.
  • If you are getting married at a church or have some teenagers in your life that you know well, you may want to ask them to babysit during the reception if you are worried about hurting feelings.