Sentence Examples

  • - Bengali Babu wearing the most popular form of the embroidered cap.
  • Preussischen Akademie for the 9th July 1903; Babu P. Mukherji, Report on a Tour of Exploration of the Antiquities in the Terai (Calcutta, 1903); V.
  • The Brahma Samaj maintained a bare existence till 1841, when Babu Debendra Nath Tagore, a member of a famous and wealthy Calcutta family, devoted himself to it.
  • For long the Brahmas did not attempt any social reforms. But about 1865 the younger section, headed by Babu Keshub Chunder Sen, who joined the Samaj in 1857, tried to carry their religious theories into practice by demanding the abandonment of the external signs of caste distinction.
  • His intimate relations with Bishop Jacob were continued with the three succeeding bishops - Babu (338 - ?349), Vologaeses (?349-361), and Abraham - on all of whom he wrote encomia.