Sentence Examples

  • On the walls of the chief council chambers are a magnificent series of oil-paintings by Tintoretto and other less able Venetians - among them Tintoretto's masterpiece, "Bacchus and Ariadne," and his enormous picture of Paradise, the largest oil-painting in the world.
  • Built over this early precinct, which Dorpfeld identifies with the Dionysium Ev Aiµvais, or Lenaeum, is a basilicashaped building of the Roman period, apparently sacred to Bacchus; in this was found an inscription containing the rules The city of the society of the Iobacchi.
  • There is a marble oscillum of Bacchus in the British Museum.
  • The mountains both in Victoria and New South Wales were snow-capped, and glaciers flowed down their flanks and laid down Carboniferous glacial deposits, which are still preserved in basins that flank the mountain ranges, such as the famous conglomerates of Bacchus Marsh, Heathcote and the Loddon valley in Victoria, and cf Branxton and other localities in New South Wales.
  • To this day hymns are unwittingly sung to Bacchus in the dales and glens of Kafiristan.