Sentence Examples

  • The Greek versions are treated by de Lagarde, Anmerkungen (1863); Baumgartner, Etude critique (1890).
  • Baumgartner, Goethe, sein Leben and seine Werke (1885); J.
  • In Any Case It May Be Remarked That Formulae Such As Those Of Jamin, Henrichsen, Baumgartner, Winkelmann Or Dieterici, Which Give Far More Rapid Rates Of Increase Than That Of Regnault, Cannot Possibly Be Reconciled With His Observations, Or With Those Of Reynolds And Moorby, Or Callendar And Barnes, And Are Certainly Inapplicable Above Loo° C.
  • Baumgartner in Wetzer and Welte's Kirchenlexikon, x.
  • Schweitzer, Island; Land and Leute (Leipzig, 1885); Alexander Baumgartner, Island and die Faroer (Freiburg im Breisgau, 1889).

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