Sentence Examples

  • Evidently it was his extraordinary dignity and poise, forbidding even the suggestion of familiarity, quite as much as his stature, that impressed those who knew him.
  • Steelyards are simple, trustworthy and durable, but unless special contrivances are introduced for ascertaining the position of the travelling poise with very great accuracy, there will be a little uncertainty as to the reading, and therefore steelyards are not in general so accurate as scale-beams. When carefully nicked they are well-adapted for weighing out definite quantities of goods, such as i lb, 2 lb, &c., as in such cases there is no question of estimation.
  • The more elaborate ones are made either with a heavy travelling poise to measure the bulk of the load with a light travelling poise for the remainder, or else with a knife-edge at the end of the steelyard, on which loose weights are hung to measure the bulk of the load, the remainder being measured with a light travelling poise.
  • The weight, W, of the steelyard acting at its centre of gravity; G, the travelling poise; P, acting at M; and the weights, Q, hung on the knife-edge at Y.
  • The principle is as follows: The weighing is effected by a steelyard with a sliding poise which is set to weigh a definite weight of the material, say I lb.

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