Sentence Examples

  • His dexterity was amazing.
  • He showed, however, considerable dexterity in playing off the emperor against Alexander III.
  • By great dexterity he succeeded in turning public attention almost solely to the fact that Britain had not evacuated Malta.
  • " The Romanists have with great dexterity built themselves about with three walls, which have hitherto protected them against reform; and thereby is Christianity fearfally fallen.
  • In December 1529 he preached his two " sermons on the cards," which awakened a turbulent controversy in the university, and his opponents, finding that they were unable to cope with the dexterity and keenness of his satire, would undoubtedly have succeeded in getting him silenced by force, had it not been reported to the king that Latimer " favoured his cause," that is, the cause of the divorce.

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