Sentence Examples

  • Rev. by author, 1852); Grote, History of Greece; Droysen, Histoire de l'Hellenisme (translation by Bouche-Leclerq); Ad.
  • Bouche-Leclerq, La Divination dans l'antiquite (1879-1882); E.
  • Heron-Royer and C. Van Bambeke, "Le vestibule de la bouche chez les tetards des batraciens anoures d'Europe," Arch.
  • 23-40), left no issue.2 See Mahaffy, The Empire of the Ptolemies (1895) and Egypt under the Ptolemaic Dynasty (1899); Strack, Die Dynastie der Ptolemcier (1897); Bouche-Leclercq, Histoire des Lagides (1904, 1907); Meyer, Das Heerwesen der Ptolemder and Reimer (Leipzig, 1900).
  • For the general history of the Macedonian kingdoms, see Droysen, Histoire de l'Hellenisme (the French translation by Bouche-Leclercq, 1883-1885, represents the work in its final revision); A.

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