Sentence Examples

  • 23-40), left no issue.2 See Mahaffy, The Empire of the Ptolemies (1895) and Egypt under the Ptolemaic Dynasty (1899); Strack, Die Dynastie der Ptolemcier (1897); Bouche-Leclercq, Histoire des Lagides (1904, 1907); Meyer, Das Heerwesen der Ptolemder and Reimer (Leipzig, 1900).
  • The story of the famous kiss bestowed by Margaret of Scotland on la precieuse bouche de laquelle sont issus et sortis taut de bons mots et vertueuses paroles is mythical, for Margaret did not come to France till 1436, after the poet's death; but the story, first told by Guillaume Bouchet in his Annales d'Aquitaine (1524), is interesting, if only as a proof of the high degree of estimation in which the ugliest man of his day was held.
  • Bouche-Leclercq's Manse; des aratiq ites romaines, quoted in Daremberg and Saglio; and on the equites si aptlares, T.
  • But in ordinary Greek usage the prophet of any god is in general any human instrument through whom the god declares himself; and the tendency was "to reserve the name for unconscious interpreters of the divine thought, and for the ministers of the oracles in general" (Bouche-Leclercq, Hist.
  • Bouche-Leclercq in Daremberg and Saglio, Dictionnaire des antiquites; Marquardt, Roinische Staatsverwaltung, iii.