Sentence Examples

  • The Mexicans were also skilful makers of earthen pots, in which were cooked the native beans called by the Spanish frijoles, and the various savoury stews still in vogue.
  • The savoury odour of the meat made me hungry long before the tables were set.
  • (near the end), "The lunch - a hot savoury mutton-chop, and a little of the cold loin sliced and fried - was now brought in" is the reading of most if not all the editions; but "loin" should be "lion," the reference being to the pudding, "a lion with currant eyes," described earlier in the chapter.
  • In the last fortnight sow asparagus, cauliflower and the various sweet and savoury herbs; also sea-kale, radishes, celery, celeriac and parsley.
  • Parallels may be found in "Prairie oyster," the yolk of an egg with vinegar, pepper, &c. added; or "Scotch woodcock," a savoury of buttered eggs on anchovy toast.