Sentence Examples

  • The pope (Paul II.) viewed these proceedings with suspicion, as savouring of paganism, heresy and republicanism.
  • His letters and his poems abound in impudent demands for money from patrons, some of them couched in language of the lowest adulation, and others savouring of literary brigandage.
  • Unfortunately, in so doing, he used phrases savouring of aristocracy which offended many of his countrymen, - as in the sentence in which he suggested that " the rich, the well-born and the able " should be set apart from other men in a senate.
  • 2 He also particularly desired that no notes should be added by way of comment in the margin, since some of those in the Genevan Bible appeared to him " very partial, untrue, seditious and savouring too much of dangerous and traiterous conceits."
  • He had a stern love of justice, and a determined hatred of everything savouring of jobbery or dishonesty.

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