Sentence Examples

  • Pastry, sweetmeats and fruit are highly esteemed.
  • He should avoid fat and rich food, butter, pastry and sauces, and should drink no beer or wine - unless it be some very light French wine or Moselle.
  • Mexico City (1828), among them that of a French baker, gave a basis for the foreign claims which, ten years later, caused the " Pastry War " with France.
  • Szeged is the chief seat of the manufacture of paprica, a kind of red pepper largely used in Hungary, and of a pastry called tarhonya; and has factories of soap, leather, boots, saw-mills and distilleries.
  • Where neither method is strictly pursued it is usual to forbid to gouty patients sugar, pastry and pickles, and to forbid heavy wines, especially Burgundy and port.