Sentence Examples

  • - Phyllo - branchidae.
  • - Cross section of Embryo of German Cockroach (Phyllo- labrum represent, as already said, an unpaired median outgrowth dromia).
  • Each coelomic pouch - as traced by Heymons in his study on the development of the cockroach (Phyllo- dromia) - divides into three parts, of which the most dorsal contains the primitive germ-cells, the median disappears, and the ventral loses its boundaries as it becomes filled up with the growing fat body (fig.
  • Thus leaves arising from the crown of the root, as in Phyllo- the primrose, are called radical; those on the stem are cauline; on flower-stalks, floral leaves (see Flower).
  • Leaf-like appendages of the Phyllo poda as nearer the original form from which the various modifications found in other groups have been derived.

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