Sentence Examples

  • Her poise expressed both dignity and grace.
  • Evidently it was his extraordinary dignity and poise, forbidding even the suggestion of familiarity, quite as much as his stature, that impressed those who knew him.
  • The weight, W, of the steelyard acting at its centre of gravity; G, the travelling poise; P, acting at M; and the weights, Q, hung on the knife-edge at Y.
  • Thus to ascertain the value of goods on the platform of unknown weight at a given price per lb, it is only necessary to slide the steelyard till the weight acts at the division which represents the price per lb, and then to move the poise Q till the steelyard is in balance; the number of the division which defines the position of the poise Q will indicate the sum to be paid for the goods.
  • If therefore the upper bar be graduated in divisions, each of which is 4, the indication of the poise Q, viz.