Sentence Examples

  • You can start your post off with "RT @username" and then pasting the post itself, or simply click on the retweet link that pops up when you hover your mouse over the tweet.
  • Hover over your category and you'll find each one spilt into different sections allowing you to drill down further to browse only dress shoes, only athletic shoes, and so on.
  • In choosing fish, select ones that hold their fins erect, and avoid those with split fins, hold their fins tight against their bodies, hover at the bottom of the tank or hide in the corners.
  • This time the brows lowered to hover over brooding eyes.
  • The dual moons seemed to hover somewhere in the middle of the air of a massive chasm, just like the dozen or so hulking spaceships, whose dark grey skins reflected like skins of massive grey whales in the moonlight.