Sentence Examples

  • 8 There is an unmistakable reference to the occurrence in the episode of Shimei, who hovers in the background of Absalom's revolt with a large body of men at his command (xvi.
  • Here the hottest temperature of the year hovers around 130°, the mean for the hottest month (July) is about 98°, and the mean for the year is from 68.9°- 74.4° F.
  • All Papuans believe that within them resides an invisible other self, or spirit, which may occasionally leave the body in the hours of sleep and after death hovers for some period at least round the scenes of its embodied life.
  • Her speech lacks variety and modulation; it runs in a sing-song when she is reading aloud; and when she speaks with fair degree of loudness, it hovers about two or three middle tones.