Sentence Examples

  • The embryos in the uterus are all nearly of the same age, except for a month or two before birth, when two broods overlap.
  • Two broods seem to be common in the course of the season, and towards the end of summer the birds - the young greatly preponderating in number - collect in large flocks and move to the sea-coast, whence a large proportion depart for more southern latitudes.
  • It builds its nest in March, or early in April, in thick bushes or in ivy-clad trees, and usually rears at least two broods each season.
  • The ferret is remarkably prolific, the female bringing forth two broods annually, each numbering from six to nine young.
  • The number of young in each nest is generally five, sometimes only three, occasionally seven or eight, and at least two broods are produced annually.