Sentence Examples

  • A considerable part of the population still dwells in caves.
  • Tourmagne, entitled respectively Histoire de l'esclavage ancien et moderne (1880) and Histoire du servage ancien et moderne (1879), which bring together many facts relating to slavery and serfdom; but they are somewhat loose and uncritical; the author, too, repeats himself much, and dwells on many topics scarcely if at all connected with his main themes; see also H.
  • L'Annee de l'Eglise, in reporting on the missions in all parts of the world, dwells continually on this with satisfaction.
  • Again he urges, that since redemption is in Christ alone, and that, too, full redemption and on the basis of faith alone, the demand for asceticism and meaningless ceremonies is folly, and moreover robs Christ, in whom dwells the divine fulness, of His rightful supremacy (ii.
  • He dwells with great force upon the different treatment applied by Ford to the characters of the two miserable lovers - brother and sister.