Sentence Examples

  • Plants whose beauty resides in the bracts or floral leaves which surround the inconspicuous flowers.
  • A numerous British colony resides at Mustapha, where there is an English club.
  • It is held in high veneration by the Sinhalese, and numerous pilgrims ascend to the sacred spot, where a priest resides to receive their offerings and bless them on their departure.
  • No barrister can be appointed who is of less than fifteen years' standing, or a member of parliament, or holder of any office of profit (other than that of recorder) under the crown; nor can any barrister try a petition in any borough in which he is recorder or in which he resides, or which is included in his circuit.
  • His food consists of all the larger herbivorous animals of the country in which he resides - buffaloes, antelopes, zebras, giraffes or even young elephants or rhinoceroses.