Sentence Examples

  • The emperor agreed to the first steps being taken, namely the suppression of the existing lodges; but he was naturally suspicious of secret societies, even when ostensibly admitted to their secrets, and Speranski's abortive plan only resulted in adding the clergy to the number of his enemies.
  • There are several fine public buildings, as the governor's palace, the new opera-house, the public library and museum of Maltese antiquities, and the auberges or lodges of the Knights of Malta (especially the Auberge de Castile) which are now used for military offices, club-rooms, and other purposes.
  • The former lodges the dorsal, the latter the ventral, bloodvessel.
  • This cavity lodges the arms, which are curved and coiled in different ways in different genera.
  • Milne-Edwards, lodges in tubes of timber or bits of hollow reed.