Sentence Examples

  • Fear seemed to brood over the peoples of Western Europe.
  • To these things used to y listen at the time, through the mercy of God vouchsafed to me, noting them down, not on paper but in my heart, and constantly by the grace of God brood over my accurate recollections."These are priceless words, for they establish a chain of tradition (John-Polycarp-Irenaeus) which is without a parallel in early church history.
  • Andersson in his Lake N'gami (pp. 2 5326 9) has given a lively account of the pursuit by himself and Francis Galton of a brood of ostriches, in the course of which the male bird feigned being wounded to distract their attention from his offspring.
  • "Without any religious rite at all," he urges, "unclean spirits brood upon waters, aspiring to repeat that primordial gestation of the divine Spirit."
  • Fissure between the free edge water forms which carry the young in brood-pouches formed by the ctenidia have suppressed this larval phase.