Weep Definition

weeping, weeps, wept
weeping, weeps, wept
To shed (tears) as an expression of emotion.
Weep bitter tears of remorse.
American Heritage
To weep for; lament; bewail; mourn.
To weep one's misfortune.
Webster's New World
To bring to a specified condition by weeping.
To weep oneself to sleep.
Webster's New World
To manifest or give expression to a strong emotion, usually grief or sorrow, by crying, wailing, or, esp., shedding tears.
Webster's New World
To form drops of moisture condensed from the air.
Cold pipes weep in hot weather.
Webster's New World
A fit of weeping.
Webster's New World

The lapwing; the wipe.


Origin of Weep

  • From Middle English wepen, from Old English wÄ“pan (“to weep, complain, bewail, mourn over, deplore"), from Proto-Germanic *wōpijanÄ… (“to weep"), from Proto-Indo-European *wāb- (“to call, cry, complain"). Cognate with Scots wepe, weip (“to weep"), Saterland Frisian wapia (“to cry, complain"), Icelandic æpa (“to yell, shout").

    From Wiktionary

  • Middle English wepen from Old English wēpan

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

  • Imitative of its cry.

    From Wiktionary


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