Yammer Definition

yammering, yammers
yammering, yammers
To whine, whimper, or complain.
Webster's New World
To say loudly and fretfully.
Webster's New World
To shout, yell, clamor, etc.
Webster's New World
To talk loudly or continually.
Webster's New World

(intransitive, rare) To make an outcry; to clamor.

The act of yammering, or something yammered.
Webster's New World

A loud noise.

One who yammers.

Origin of Yammer

  • Middle English yameren to lament alteration (probably influenced by Middle Dutch jammeren to lament) of earlier Middle English yomeren from Old English gēomrian, gēomerian from gēomer sad, sorrowful akin to Old High German jāmar perhaps ultimately of imitative origin

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

  • Probably from Middle Dutch jammeren cognate and reinforced by Middle English yeoumeren (“to mourn, complain"), from Old English geomrian (“to lament"), from Ä¡eōmor (“sorrowful") possibly imitative in origin and akin to German Jammer.

    From Wiktionary

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