Sentence Examples

  • But the name (the Icelandic form of which is Bjolfr) is genuinely Scandinavian.
  • In the end of the 9th century Iceland was colonized from Norway; and about 985 the intrepid viking, Eric the Red, discovered Greenland, and induced some of his Icelandic countrymen to settle on its inhospitable shores.
  • See the Icelandic account of the elephant, also a decidedly Alexandrian fragment upon the 7.iapyos, founded upon 4 Macc. i.
  • Dunkirk annually despatches a fleet to the Icelandic codfisheries, and takes part in the herring and other fisheries.
  • The name, of which the Tene, Tayne and Thane are older forms. is derived from the Icelandic thing, " assembly" or "court."