Weepe Definition

1592, Philippe de Mornay, A Discourse of Life and Death:#*1679, Beaumont and Fletcher, The Works of Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher in Ten Volumes.
Then fall they to cry, to weepe, and to torment themselues, as little children that haue lost their play-game, which notwithstanding is nothing worth.
Would thy Melancholy have a cure? thou shalt laugh at Democritus himselfe, and but reading one piece of this Comick variety, finde thy exalted fancie in Elizium; And when thou art sick of this cure, (for the excesse of delight may too much dilate thy soule,) thou shalt meete almost in every leafe a soft purling passion or spring of sorrow so powerfully wrought high by the teares of innocence, and wronged Lovers, it shall persuade thy eyes to weepe into the streame, and yet smile when they contribute to their owne ruines.
1851, Various, Notes and Queries, Number 63, January 11, 1851.
The Springe neglectes his course to keepe, The Ayre continual stormes do weepe, The pretty Birdes disdaine to singe, The Maides to smile, the woods to springe, The Mountaines droppe, the valleys morne Till Jack and Tom do safe returne.
1890, Grace Wharton and Philip Wharton, The Wits and Beaux of Society.
'A good play,' he condescends to say, 'I find it, and the actors most good in it; and pretty to hear Knipp sing in the play very properly "All night I weepe," and sung it admirably.