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settled, settles, settling
settled, settles, settling
To cast itself, as darkness, fog, etc. over a landscape, or gloom or silence over a person or group; descend.
Webster's New World
To put in order; arrange or adjust as desired.
To settle one's affairs.
Webster's New World
To make compensation for (a claim).
American Heritage
To set in place firmly or comfortably.
To settle oneself in a chair.
Webster's New World
To establish as a resident or residents.
He settled his family in London.
Webster's New World
  • mend one's fences
  • clear the land
  • hang-up-one-s-hat
  • lead a humdrum existence
  • get in a rut
  • get in a groove
  • regulate one's life
  • forsake one's wild ways
  • raise a family
  • marry and settle down
  • marry
  • buy a house
  • follow convention
  • become conventional
  • live an orderly life
A long wooden bench with a back, armrests, and sometimes a chest beneath the seat.
Webster's New World
(archaic) A seat of any kind.
settle (one's) stomach
  • To relieve one's indigestion or nausea.
American Heritage
settle (someone's) hash
  • To silence or subdue.
American Heritage
settle down
  • to take up permanent residence, a regular job, etc.; lead a more routine, stable life, as after marriage
  • to become less nervous, restless, or erratic
Webster's New World
settle up
  • to determine what is owed and make the necessary adjustments
Webster's New World

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Origin of Settle

  • From Old English setl, from Germanic *setla-, representing Proto-Indo-European *sed-lo-, from *sed- (“sit"). Cognate with German Sessel, Dutch zetel; and with Greek ἑλλά, Latin sedo, Russian седло, Polish siodÅ‚o. The verb (Old English setlan) developed from the noun.

    From Wiktionary

  • Middle English setlen to seat from Old English setlan from setl seat sed- in Indo-European roots

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

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