Sentence Examples

  • The earliest explorations and attempts at colonization of Florida by Europeans were made by the Spanish.
  • Dividing the land into zones of average summer temperature, the following are the areas which would fall to each: - Judging from the figures just given, it must be conceded that a considerable area of the continent is not adapted for colonization by European races.
  • They projected a scheme of conquest and colonization upon a large scale.
  • Probably it was extended as far as Beneventum not long after the colonization of this town in 268 B.e., and it seems to have reached Venusia before 190 B.C. Horace, in the journey to Brundusium described in Sat.
  • After receiving from Queen Elizabeth a patent for colonization in the New World, Sir Walter Raleigh, in April 1584, sent Philip Amadas, or Amidas (1S501618), and Arthur Barlowe (c. 1550 - c. 1620) to discover in the region bordering on Florida a suitable location for a colony.